New Built Homes

* New homes can be built to resist Radon Gas

* The additional cost at the time of construction is minimal. 

The radon-resistant construction techniques described in this brochure comprise a "passive" radon system. This system overcomes the vacuum effect experienced by most houses by creating a pressure barrier to radon entry. The system also includes a pipe to vent radon gas safely to the outdoors.

Sometimes a passive radon system isn't enough to prevent radon from entering a house. In this case, a fan can be installed to pull the radon gas from the underlying soil into the vent pipe where it can be exhausted outside the house. The addition of a fan and its associated wiring creates and "active" radon system.

When installed properly, the basic radon-resistant new construction techniques greatly reduce the lung cancer risk that may occur from radon in the home.

Some builders use the same construction techniques for better moisture control. More than 1.5 million homes have been built since 1990 using radon-resistant techniques.

These diagrams show how a Radon Sump could be installed: